Pet Dental Health

Dental Prophylaxis

Once your pet is under anesthesia, digital dental radiographs are taken to properly assess beneath the gumline. This allows us to visualize many signs of decay that accompany dental disease such as developing abscesses or bone loss around the teeth. The doctor will conduct a thorough dental examination to assess any decayed, damaged, or mobile teeth and evaluate the gumline for any pocketing or other abnormalities.

In some cases, pocketing around a tooth may result in a need for extraction, but sometimes may be treated by instilling an antibiotic gel in an attempt to seal the pocket and save the tooth. If an extraction is necessary, additional radiographs are taken following the extraction to ensure that all parts of the tooth have been fully extracted. When appropriate, the area is closed with an absorbable suture.

Using an ultrasonic scaler, we are able to clean the remaining teeth by removing any tartar and calculus deposits to leave a clean surface on the visible portion of the teeth as well as below the gumline.

Once scaling is completed, the teeth are then polished with a prophylactic paste to remove any scratches and create a smooth surface, making it less likely for plaque to adhere to the tooth.

As the dental concludes, we use class IV laser therapy, which attracts blood and oxygen to speed up the healing process of the treat area by aiding in tissue and bone regeneration and reducing pain and inflammation. Finally, a fluoride treatment is then applied to the teeth to help discourage bacterial growth.

Follow the procedure, we offer a complementary post-operative exam ten to fourteen days after the dental to ensure the patient is healing properly.

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